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The Benefit of Hard Things

Nat Eliason is quoted as saying, “The ability to do hard things is perhaps the most useful ability you can foster in yourself or your children. And proof that you are someone who can do them is one of the most useful assets you can leave on your life resume. Our self-image is composed of historical evidence of our abilities. The more hard things you push yourself to do, the more competent you will see yourself to be.”

There are lots of reasons that people avoid life coaching or therapy. But one of the biggest is because it is hard. Hard is an obstacle, a challenge to moving forward in our lives.

I have been thinking about resilience lately. One definition is “the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events”. Adversity and difficult life events describe hard.

You may be in a difficult relationship. You may have suffered some loss, maybe a devastating loss. You may be unemployed, needing to lose twenty pounds, go back to your exercise regimen, or buried under a chronic depression. We can lose our ability to bounce back when we quit exercising our resilience muscles.

Coaching is exercise.

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